Georgian cuisine

Georgian cuisine

Georgian cuisine: inspiration in traditions

Georgian cuisine is not something that can be placed in a separate volume of the "National Cuisines of the World" and put on a shelf. These are verified recipes - dishes that are cooked on daily basis moreover, improving their taste.

The heat of the sun includes in each of them together with the freshness of the wind from the mountains, the fresh breath of streams and the aroma of herbs. Each of it contains a piece of history and friendliness, with which Georgia meets its guests.


If you think that Mtsvadi is just a Georgian name for a traditional shish kebab, you are very mistaken. First, this dish cannot be tasted practically anywhere, except the real Georgian restaurants, and not those that are just called themselves. In addition, in the hospitable houses of Georgia, where traditions including culinary are valued. Plus, even try you Mtsvadi a hundred times, each time this dish will be discovered form the beginning. The reason is a huge number of variations on the topic Georgian shish kebab, which is prepared according to three basic recipes - beef tenderloin and pickled lamb. Every single self-respecting Georgian shish kebab maker adds several unique notes to this symphony of taste!


The snack, which came to us from Western Georgia, particular, from Samegrelo became additional visiting card of this amazing country.

It is prepared from a mixture of herbs, in which the main role plays mint and sulguni, melted to a viscous consistency in milk. Rolls from suluguni, greased with a spicy mint, are cut into pieces and seasoned with another favorite taste of Georgian cuisine - matzoni. Then all we need is to enjoy this amazing flavor and the skills of the Georgian chefs.


Do you like porridge? If not, you have not try the Elarji yet. Corn cereals are cooked on the water (less often on milk, but this "upgrade" no longer refers to the national Georgian cuisine), and at the end of cooking, a lot of Imeretin cheese or sulguni is added. As a result, there is a very tasty and satisfying dish on your table that restores strength and energy; also you will take the recipe with you to enjoy this culinary miracle every time you wish.


Everybody knows Khachapuri! But not everyone knows about its most popular and delicious varieties. Thus, the filling for Adjarian khachapuri is fresh, not yet ripe cheese, mixed with eggs and the cake itself is prepared in the form of a boat. Mingrelian khachapuri will please you with the taste of sulguni, which is generously greased with a flat cake from above. The dough for the khachapuri is mixed on the matzoni, which gives the ready-made cake an exquisite taste, and is filled with imeretian cheese. Try each of them and be sure: to the question "What kind of khachapuri is better" you cannot answer - they are both delicious!