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How to make a trip to Georgia unforgettable?

Explorer Tours Georgia is a team with many years of experience and a Georgian character, organizing tours, conferences and trips in the country, Georgian hospitality which is legendary and sincere. Our company was founded in 2012, and over 7 years we have developed and thought out the best routes for you. We studied Sakartvelo (Georgia) along and across, the first to discover some remote regions for tourists, and we consider ourselves to be true professionals in their field. Today our team works in several regions of Georgia, and we do not stop there!

Statistics from Explorer Tours Georgia on travels in Georgia

A little about us in numbers: for 7 years Explorer Tours discovered Georgia 4321 tourists, met people from 32 countries, traveled 89027 kilometers on a mountain serpentine and grape valleys, drank 2100 liters of Rkatsiteli on Georgian feasts, ate about 10 000 Khinkali, held 7 corporate parties , organized from and to 13 international conferences, and also presented a piece of Georgia from myself absolutely countless times!

We are against monotonous excursions and grueling trips. Vivid impressions, competent organization, author's routes, safety, unforgettable emotions - combining all this, we create a unique product in the field of tourism, which you will definitely be satisfied with.

We will show you Georgia as we know and love ourselves! We will show Georgia that we love and know!

Meet Our Team


Founder, traveler, scout, off-roader


Loves his country with all his big heart. Knows the best places in Georgia!


Will lead you across mountain passes, to all remote locations


Will tell you all insights about Georgia, loves to travel and shooing photos

Photo from season opeing

Are you ready for fantastic journey? Join us! We will show you the dreamland!!!


SMM-manager, main person for texts, pictures and public relations


Will help you choose wine with just one glimpse on it, hiker and best story teller