Ski Resorts in Georgia

Ski Resorts in Georgia

High-mountain ski resorts in Georgia - extreme rest or health and comfort?

Choosing a resort for the period of vacation, each tourist strive to stay in the place that will bring him the greatest impression. In this regard, Georgia and the famous ski resorts of the country will not only be rich in impressions, but also will help to qualitatively improve.

Even while landing in Tbilisi Airport you can see the winter resorts of Georgia, which are spread out on the mountain tops. The opening of such resorts begins even before winter time, and they work until the beginning of summer. All this time you can go skiing or even snowboarding, inhale the purest air and just enjoy the wonderful views.

It should be noted that ski holidays in Georgia are much more attractive than in other countries. This condition is ensured by the climate and protection formed by the mountains of the Caucasus. Here you can not find hurricanes, snowstorms or snowstorms, so the safety of tourists is provided not only by the efforts of managers, but also by nature itself.

To choose a ski resort in Georgia, you need to pay attention to Gudauri. This resort is really considered one of the best places to relax in Georgia, although was established not so long ago, but it has already gained popularity and fame among tourists from many countries.

Interestingly, the ski resort of Gudauri is equipped with several routes at once. Moreover, it is easy to choose a simple route for a beginner, which is easy to overcome, even for the first time engaged in skiing, as well as more complex professional routes. On such routes you can meet famous skiers from all over the world who improve their art and just keep in shape before the competition.

No less famous ski tours to Georgia lead a tourist to Bakuriani. This resort is considered old, and its foundation occurred decades ago. Even at the present time, it is known among sportsmen of all countries and many skiers come here for the first time to start their sporting way. Bakuriani and snowboarding tracks. The resort provided for both the safety of athletes and their comfort. Bars, cafes and a large number of places for another type of recreation are already ready to offer skiing Georgia in their famous resorts.

Thus, choosing ski resorts in Georgia, you will not only make a lot of photos for memory and get the most pleasant impressions of the trip, but you can also enjoy the pure mountain air, which has a beneficial effect on the body. Only a few days at these two wonderful ski resorts will leave a memory for many years, and the energy charge that any tourist will feel will allow them to return to their favorite business or work.