Regions of Georgia

Regions of Georgia

Georgia: country where the magic lives

Whether you are an experienced traveler who has traveled all over the world, or a person who first decided to discover the world, Georgia will always have something which surprises you.

It is a country full of mystery, in other words it is a dream country. This is the country in which the day flies by as a moment, and the moment can turn into infinity. It always depends on what you expect from your trip.


Most likely, it is from the capital of Georgia, you want to begin acquaintance with this country. And it is not a mistake! Here, antiquity harmoniously combines with modernity, which creates a special atmosphere.

As an example, Old Tbilisi will greet you with the magnificence of the fortress of Narikala, a fortification complex that has been built and perfected over centirues. And visiting the Metekhi area, located on a high cliff, you will feel the sinking of the heart: from here opens a breathtaking view of Kura river and the feeling of freedom and flight seems to be in the air.

Mtatsminda Mountain with its Pantheon deserves special attention - the burial place of cultural, religious and political figures of the past.

In addition, all mentioned above are close to modern museums, theaters and developed infrastructure. Consequently, Tbilisi will be your gateway to Georgia, which you did not know yet.


Batumi, the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, needs no introduction. This particular resort has attracted connoisseurs of relaxation on the seaside for more than one century. But those who travel to see the world, there is also something to discover.

What a magnificent Botanical Garden! The unique climate of Adjara allows you to grow plants in the garden, which otherwise you could see only by visiting Africa, South America or the Himalayas. And the Mtirala National Park will amaze you with waterfalls, mountain lakes flickering in the riot of greenery, besides with trees covered with moss and lichen. Feel yourself like a hero of Spielberg's films, exploring these amazing "Lost Worlds".