Sea Resorts of Georgia

Sea Resorts of Georgia

Surprising sea resorts in Georgia –is an opportunity to combine holidaysand recreation.

Relaxing on the beach, breathing clean air of the sea, mixed with a pleasant smell of cypresses and exotic plants drinking healthy mineral water - all this is possible if you choose the amazing Georgian seaside resorts located in picturesque places. Here every tourist will find exactly what he needs, from warm sea air and hot sun to the picturesque ruins of ancient fortresses.

Sea resorts of Georgia

The cleanest and most beautiful resorts of Georgia are in Batumi. And, the whole city is considered one big resort, which is divided into recreation areas according to the preferences and desires of tourists. This situation is not only due to its mild climate and convenient infrastructure.

Visiting the Black Sea resorts of Georgia, you can easily rent a car and even for a short time visit all the most famous sights. Moreover, thanks to the rented transport, visiting excursions, picturesque places, beaches and sanatoriums will be the most simple and comfortable.

If we talk about Batumi, then there are several places at once, which are mandatory for all tourists. Apart from the beaches, these places are the delphinarium and seaside parks. Moreover, sea resorts, which Georgia offers in Batumi, really have significant differences from other countries.

First of all, it is quite difficult to meet traders who are distracted from rest and imposed even in exotic countries. However, it is quite easy to purchase something in special shops. Also the issue with lunch can be quite simple - looking into one of the cafes or restaurants in the picturesque squares with ancient buildings.

What is a noteworthy that low price concern not only traditional dishes, but also the famous Georgian wine. Tourists always bring home a few bottles of this delicious drink.

Other resorts of Georgia near the sea

One of the most famous resorts is Kobuleti. These Georgian resorts are located several dozen kilometers from Batumi and have significant differences from other recreation areas. The main difference is the atmosphere, which contributes to the improvement and enhancement of immunity. And, here there are special sanatoriums that offer therapy with sun baths, minerals and mineral water.

What is worth mentioning, that such a resort on the Black Sea has one more feature - dimensions. Only one beach in Kobuleti stretches more than 10 kilometers. For rent here you can choose, as the services of numerous hotels, and houses in the private sector for an affordable fee.

Another resort that attracts thousands of tourists is Kvariati. Unfortunately, in order to relax on the beach of this resort you will need to rent a private house, as there are almost no hotels here. However, this does not diminish the comfort of living, since even in the private sector all necessary amenities are provided.

Anaklia Sea resort is home for lots to music festivals like Gem Fest or Kazantep. Young people from around the world come to Anaklia resort to listen to best performances of modern electronic music stars. Its beaches are most calm the water is super clean.

Choosing seaside resorts in Georgia, most tourists are guided not only by the beaches or rental housing, but also on the opportunity to improve the body. Therefore, it will be important to calculate your route in advance, take care of renting a car and visit as many fairy places in this amazing country.