THE 10 BEST Things to Do in Georgia - 2020 (with Photos) - Explorer Tours

THE 10 BEST Things to Do in Georgia - 2020 (with Photos) - Explorer Tours

The 10 BEST Things to Do in Georgia - 2020 (with Photos) - Explorer Tours

Travel to Svaneti

Number one in this list is to Travel to Svaneti region, in Svaneti you will see the most beautiful nature in Georgia, see the highest mountain of Georgia, Mount Shkhara! And uncover the secrets of Svanetian legends. The region is famous for its architecture, the Svaneti towers and village Ushguli is UNESCO world heritage site


Taste Georgian wine

The secret of Georgian wine is already told to lots of people, but you should hear it yourself. Georgian wine is becoming renowned as one of the highest quality wines in Europe. Georgia is the place where wine has been made for at least 8,000 years. This is the oldest location where evidence has been found of wine making, dating back as far as in Georgia. The most fascinating fact is that the type of large jars known as Qvevri, which is still used to make finest wines in Georgia today, have been uncovered by archeologists with traces of wine fermenting in them

/uploads/image/Осень в Грузии

Attend the traditional Georgian Supra (not a car, Supra is Georgian traditional feast)

Imagine the big table with tons of food and wine as in the Hall of King Ragnar?! No this is not this way, but not far from it. Supra is big and old tradition of Georgian people, some call it Academy at table. The tradition speaks itself when you are invited to Supra is a privilege and should be treated as respectful sign from family. Don’t be shocked by big amount of food on table, sometimes can reach to several layers of plates with food on them. Same with wine, Georgians drink lots of wine, liters! Sometimes it’s a competition who drinks more, but remember! Who drinks more and gets less drunk! You have thought about food now? There is everything for you, vegetarian? You will find a dish for you. Looking for halal, you will find the food for yourself in the Same table. The reason is to mix of cultures in Georgia, as the country is located on crossroads of Europe and Asia you can find everything here


Trekking in Mountains of Georgia

With the landscapes you will see from your airplane windows you will be wanting to go to mountains. There are several locations for Trekking in Caucasus mountains, Kazbegi, Shatili, Tusheti, Svaneti are the most scenic areas. One of the mat popular treks is the trek from Mestia to Ushguli, though there are dozens to choose to on our website

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Visit Gelati Monastery

Gelati is UNESCO World Heritage site located near Kutaisi. The monastery complex, built on northeast of old Kutaisi. Gelati is an outstanding example of Golden Age architecture of Georgia. It’s one of Georgia's most important churches. Gelati was a cultural hub of Georgia's medieval renaissance. The greatest king David the builder is buried here

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Kazbegi the blessed mountain

Perhaps the most recognizable location in Georgia, the Gergeti Trinity Church stands at the base of Mount Kazbegi and watching over town with the same name Kazbegi. You can reach Kazbegi with our day trip from Tbilisi, or as a part of our multi day tours

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Tusheti the top of Georgia

Tusheti is most remote mountain region of Georgia. It is closed off for most of the year, the road is open only in summer, rest of the time it’s impassable by snow and rock slides. Every spring government is clearing the Abano pass. The Abano pass is the highest pass in Georgia. Compared to places other mountain regions as Svaneti of Khevsureti, the landscape here is not as dramatic, you won't find many glaciers here, but the place has a very unique, resembling colorful story locations. The most green valley and mountains blow your mind. The villages are pretty old, people live in 15th century houses

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Kakheti, Alazani valley vineyards

Kakheti is a region in east Georgia, it is well known for best weather, vast territory and is Georgia's principal wine country. As you approach the region, you notice endless rows of vineyards. The most famous Georgian wines come from this region. Most important micro zones of Kindzmarauli, Mukuzani, Akhasheni are located in Alazani valley. You can taste lots of different wines and most important Amber wine, Qvevri wine. There are also many historic locations in region

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Canyons in west Georgia

You must visit two canyons, located not far from Kutaisi. It can be done from Kutaisi or you can take a day trip from Tbilisi to Martvili and Okatse canyons. Martvili canyon is flooded by the river Abasha. You can take a boat ride in canyon, this is most spectacular rivers in region. Okatse canyon is one of the deepest in Georgia, there is a path fixed to a wall over canyon. You will walk to a viewpoint over the deepest part

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Tbilisi walking tour

Tbilisi old city, it can be number one on list of 10 must see places in Georgia, but Tbilisi also has its list of must see places in Tbilisi. As you already know Georgia is located between Asia and Europe, this brought many roads to Tbilisi. Tbilisi is multicultural, multilingual, multi religion, multi ethnic ancient city. Every corner has ist history, there are many churches, synagogues, mosque, fortresses and oldest structures. Here you can find, oldest houses that date 17th century, the battle towers converted into houses, Rezo Gabriadze strangest marionette theater, Peace Bridge, Metekhi fortress, Tbilisi Sulfur baths and many interesting things

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This list is the most little to do in Georgia. There are tons of different options to travel to Georgia, it’s impossible to see them all in one trip, neither it’s possible to list all of them. The main thing is to start, Georgia is calling your name!

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