Hotels in Georgia

Hotels in Georgia

The hotels in Georgia - or rather the hotel industry in Georgia - are so far the only developing industry in which the competition and the market economy have not yet put things right. If you are looking for a Georgia hotel or pension, it is advisable to understand the specifics of this business. Below I'll explain what it looks like and then give a list of hotels by city and region.

The most important thing you need to know: hotels and their analogues have spread unevenly throughout the country. First and foremost, they are grouped together in big cities - Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaisi - and in a regional exception in the middle - Mestia. They are less dense in the province. Kakheti is the leader among the provinces. Kvemo Kartli, Megrelia and even Shida Kartli are still lagging behind. That is, there is something there, but the conditions are far from desirable.

Like anywhere in the world, Georgia has expensive hotels ($ 100 to $ 300 per night), medium ($ 60 to $ 80), and cheap ($ 10 to $ 20). Cheap is in many cases of higher quality (in its class) than expensive. This is due to the fact that many provincial inns were built according to Western standards and with Western subsidies. This means that inns in Switzerland, Austria and Georgia were sometimes built according to the same project. At the same time many expensive hotels originated from the Soviet era and have not been completely rebuilt. They bought expensive chairs, bought nicer mirrors, came with big names and had Wi-Fi, but the Soviet mentality and Soviet paranoia left them nowhere. Recently, luxury hotels of good quality have emerged, which are discussed separately.

Further. Georgia has real hotels and simulated hotels. Since Georgia is a model country, when a person opens a hotel, all his neighbors try to do the same, even if they do not understand anything in the hotel business. For this reason hundreds of hostels have settled in Tbilisi, under which it is difficult to identify the inhabitants. But also decent hotels open and close, which makes a systemization completely impossible. So my attempt to describe and rate them is far from ideal.

About the stars. This type of review of a Georgia hotel should be used with care. It is a route that applies to hotels in Tbilisi, but it is of little use outside the capital. So far there is no official certification in Georgia, so the stars paint the stars as best they can. And sometimes a very decent hotel has no stars just because it does not understand its meaning.

For some reason, the hostels in Georgia in Tbilisi have multiplied rapidly - from 4 in 2010 to 70 in 2014, but outside Tbilisi they seem very sluggish. On the one hand, a large influx of European tourists influences the lack of understanding among local residents about the nature of hostel traffic. In Georgia, the difference between a hostel and a guesthouse is not obvious to everyone. Because of this, there are only a few real hostels that are difficult to figure out.

Georgian guesthouses

There are many pensions in Georgia. In a country where each collective farmer owns a two-storied multi-room stone house, it is possible to provide each village with a minimal investment through the guesthouse - and this is not only due to the ignorance of this business. Due to the ease with which to set up such a company and the correct government policy in the years of Saakashvili, guesthouses in Georgia were bred in large numbers. And very often they surpass medium-quality hotels. In addition, living in a guest house brings you closer to the local atmosphere - if only slightly. Such rapprochement is often overrated, but it still has a place to be.

There is an important category of guesthouses in Georgia - the product of the above western grants. Such guest houses are the best and are often in interesting places. Too bad that such guesthouses are not marked at the time of booking.

Georgian luxury hotels

In Georgia there are a number of expensive hotels with quality services. Usually these are 4 - 5 stars. In some cases, these are simply large and expensive hotels with no special features - Hilton, Radisson and Marriott. However, there is a special category. These are hotels whose location makes them interesting on their own. They are not a means of providing travel, but in part the purpose of the journey. These hotels are expensive and cost between 100 and 300 US dollars. In principle, such prices are justified. That's what it makes sense to spend.