Wine tours

트빌리시: 카헤티 프라이빗 와인 투어

Wine tour to Kakheti

Tbilisi, Telavi
Price: from USD 450.00 per person
Duration: 5 days
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Wine tour in Georgia

Wine tour to Signagi and Alazani valley

Kakheti, Bodbe, Sighnaghi
Price: from USD 30.00 per person
Duration: 1 day
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Wine tours in Georgia

In our “wine tour” you will taste wine and chacha at the best wineries in Georgia, the quality of which is appreciated all over the world, you will see ancient cellars that store real treasures in yourself, explore the Alazani Valley length and breadth, and you will never mix up the racers and Khvanchkara!

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Qvevri wine (Amber wine of Georgia)

Go to Georgia and not taste the famous Georgian wine? It is unthinkable! And in order not only to try, but also to try, plunge into history, try on the role of a grape picker, see qvevri and much, much more, we suggest you go on a real wine trip with Explorer Tours! Qvevri wine is oldest wine making technology invented by mankind in Georgia 8000 years ago. We will show you the ancient secret of winemaking

And we also have a one-day “wine tour” - although this is not a complete immersion in the Georgian wine culture, we assure you that in 1 day you will taste the Kakheti wine in taste, color and its unique history.