Jeep tour to Mestia from Kutaisi

Locations: Svaneti, Mestia, Ushguli, Zhabeshi, Adishi
Price: from USD 360.00 per person*
Duration: 5 days

* - price per person in group of 3

Jeep tour to Mestia from Kutaisi

Western Georgia is a real treasure for those called by mountains. Alpine villages, majestic mountain peaks, the best views - all this will definitely not leave you indifferent!

Arrival in Kutaisi - the first day

After arriving in Kutaisi and meeting at the airport, as well as a short briefing, you will go to the city of Mestia along the picturesque valley of the Inguri River with a dam and hydroelectric power station. The first stop is the village of Becho with its famous views of Mount Ushba with a spear-shaped peak. Ushba is one of the most popular mountains in Svaneti with a height of 4690m, and in its shape resembles the alpine peak Matterhorn. Then you continue along the medieval villages with their mysterious Svan towers, included in the UNESCO heritage list, ancient churches and picturesque views. In the evening you will arrive in the main city of Svaneti - Mestia.

Mestia - Day Two


You will start your day in Mestia with a visit to the tower museum of the Svan family Margiani and continue exploring the city at the Mestia Museum. After that, you will go to the nearby villages, where you will see medieval temples and chapels.

Ushguli tour to the past - Third day


This day you will begin with a trip to the highest mountain village in Europe - Ushguli. Located at an altitude of 2200m at the foot of Mount Shahov, Ushguli consists of four villages: Chibani, Zhibani, Chazhashi and Murkmeli. In Ushguli you will see Svan towers, ancient castles and churches. The alpine atmosphere and views will give you peace and tranquility before returning to Mestia.

Antique Colchis - Day Four

/uploads/image/nokalakevi fortress.jpg

After the briefing, you will go to Zugdidi - the center of Samegrelo district. Zugdidi is famous for the residence of the princes Dadidani, a medieval castle and a temple. You will also visit the city museum, which houses the death mask of Napoleon.

The next stop is Archeopolis, the ancient city of the Kolkhs, built by King Kuja Kolkhida. It is from Archeopolis that the ancient Greek history of the Golden Fleece originates. Towers with gates, ancient buildings, a descent to the Tekhov River - all this you will see in the former "royal" city, which played a key role during the wars between Byzantium and the Sassanids.

The end of the day will be a trip to Kutaisi with an overnight stay.

The Greatness of Georgian Kings - Day Fifth

/uploads/image/gelati monasery.jpg

You will devote the final day of the tour to exploring Kutaisi, the capital of Imereti Region. Of the 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites located in Georgia, two are located in Kutaisi: Bagrati Cathedral and Gelati Monastery. You will also see the caves of Prometheus - a real natural monument. After sightseeing, you will go to Kutaisi International Airport.

The cost of the tour includes the cost of transport, guide services and accommodation

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