Tour to Svaneti

Locations: Mestia, Ushguli, Tbilisi, Adishi
Price: from USD 385.00 per person*
Duration: 5 days

* - price per person in group of 3

Tour to Svaneti

  • Start time: 9:00 after your arrival to Georgia
  • Total duration of the tour : 5 days
  • Will visit 30 iconic locations of Georgia
  • Departure point: Departure from any hotel of Tbilisi or Tbilisi International Airport
  • Drop off: Tbilisi International Airport

Tour to Svaneti will be the greatest impression of your travel to Georgia. The tour includes visiting Mestia, capital of the region, Ushguli, the highest inhabited village in Europe and 12th century towers in Enguri valley. Enjoy it's untouched nature where the views on Ushba and Tetnuldi monts will blow your mind

Day 1: Driving to Svaneti - Becho - Mestia

The first destination is Mestia, road will pass by Enguri Hydro Power Plant Damb and enter valley of river Enguri. First village to visit is Becho. Becho is famous of its most magnificent view of Mount Ushba. Ushba has greatest views of its spear-shaped double summit. The road passes trough medieval villages, towers built in 9th-12th century will take you back to medieval times. Towers and their architecture are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. By the evening you will arrive to main town of Svaneti for our Mestia accomodation. Staying in Mestia

Day 2: Tour in Mestia

The town is famous of its Mestia museum of history and ethnography, First visit will be to Margiani Tower Museum, and second stop will be at Mestia museum of history and ethnography. The trip will continue to surrounding villages, seeing the medieval Svaneti towers, churches and chapels. You can shop fro Georgian souvenirs and Svanetian Salt, you be able to get Svaneti hat. Staying in Mestia

Day 3: Travel from Mestia to Ushguli

The journey will start from Mestia to Ushguli. Ushguli is highest altitude inhabited village in Europe 2060-2200 meters. Ushguli lies at the bottom of Mount Shkhara. Ushguli consists of 4 villages, Chvibani, Zhibani, Chazhashi and Murqmeli. Ther you can see the facinating views of Mount Shkhara. Staying in Mestia

Day 4: Zugdidi and Archeopolis tour

The first destination is Zugdidi is the central town of Samegrelo Region. The city offers you Medieval Castle and Dadiani Dukes Palace. You will be able to visit Zugdidi Museum, here you will see Napoleons Mask. Next destination is Archeopolis ancient town of Kolheti, built by Kuji kolhian ruler. Town is exact place where Golden Fleece, Greek mythology story took place. The city played a pivotal role between Byzantian and Sassanid wars in 6th century. Staying in Kutaisi

Day 5: Tour to Kutaisi, Gelati Monastery and Tbilisi

Start the day with a visit to Bagrat Cathedral, the masterpiece of Georgian medieval architecture, built in the 11th century. Next, you'll visit the famous Motsameta and Gelati monasteries, founded by King David IV, which served as the cultural and intellectual center of Georgia. Return to Tbilisi

The tour to Svaneti includes transportation, guiding and accommodation.

We also provide Jeep tour to Mestia

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